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Do you prefer to do it yourself?

If you plan to do the SEO work on your site yourself or pair with your programmer, the full audit of your site will be available for a fee ranging from $ 500 to $ 2000. 

An SEO audit can take place at any point in the lifecycle of a website. Many choose to make one during critical phases, such as before launching a new website or when considering redefining or migrating an existing website. 

The Detailed SEO audit includes:

An audit of your technical performance

Having a technically optimized website is essential to the long-term success of your SEO campaign. If your site is not structured properly, search engines will have trouble analyzing and indexing its content.

An audit of your competitors

Keyword analysis is the first part of the process. We then analyze your competitors and their web strategy. We will discover the pages where they get better results and establish a strategy to overcome them.

An audit of the speed of your website

Recent data shows that 50% of users expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds. We will analyze the speed of your site and give you a list of points to modify in order to improve it.

An audit of your SEO content strategy

All the content on your website will be reviewed, we will identify the pages that contribute the most to the site's traffic and we will make the necessary recommendations to improve the weakest aspects of your content.

An audit of the keyword strategy

We analyze the set of Google keywords for your site, those of your competitors and those you should focus on to increase your position in the SERP results.

An audit of the architecture of your site

A well-designed site architecture can improve analysis and exploration and contribute to the growth of your site's authority. We will audit your existing architecture and recommend a more efficient one if needed.

An audit of your backlink strategy

External and internal links (backlinks) are fundamental elements of the SEO equation. We first analyze your existing backlink profile and then establish a strategy for growing external links.

Precise action plan

Information is useless without clear directions. That's why we provide you with a detailed list of actions to set up in order to increase your SEO efficiency. This list is prioritized based on the actions that will have the greatest impact on your performance.

The price of a detailed audit will vary between $ 500 and $ 2000

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