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ProstarSEO, the leading Search Engine Optimization agency in Canada has branched out to the Scottish Capital and has strategically designed services for its United Kingdom customers. Our local team of SEO experts can help United Kingdom businesses thrivel, no matter how tough the competition is in their market.

Our Search Engine Optimization experts will help you outperform the competition by implementing strategies to improve your Google search results. 

The United Kingdom is the one of the main business hubs in the world, top-class educational institutes, and sites of rich cultural heritage. Thriving in such a competitive environment requires a robust SEO strategy that will help your firm be found locally. Our team understands the intricacies of the web well and designs tailor-made SEO solutions that reach both the classes and masses, depending upon the type of audience you wish to target. 

What is search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is a combination of services aimed to improve any business’s visibility on search engines. Designing content, while keeping user intent in mind, is just one part of the equation. A good SEO will help your business stay in the lead by beating the competitors in the ranking game. 

Identify the top United Kingdom SEO factors with our analysts 

There are many different elements to SEO. Google uses over 200 criteria to determine where in its index your site will be located.

Did you know that your keyword should be in the URL, Title tag, and H1 for each page? When is the last time you checked if all your pages respected this basic rule?

Through the years we have found some driving factors that will help your enterprise gain the top position in the search engine results ranks. Some of those factors are:

a. Use of relevant URL or site name can make people search for your site directly by name
b. Inclusion of engaging factors that help users spend more time on the site
c. Engaging pages used most often per browsing session
d. Positioning of the Call to Action on your page
e. External links that point to your site
f. Internal links that point to your “money pages”
g. Total links to your site or page
h. Textual content’s length
i. Keyword implementation in text, title, URL, sub-headings, meta description, etc.
j. Page Speed (Including Mobile Page Speed)
k. Mobile Friendliness
l. Domain Age

All these factors add to the engagement value of any website or page. Our goal is to bring traffic to your site, but even more important convert visitors to customers.  Our SEO experts keep a stock of all the information and use the most relevant and automated tools to ensure that your website does its best on all parameters. We offer the most effective SEO strategies available today to help your website appear for relevant queries on Google.

The Best reasons to hire an SEO consultant from Prostar SEO, we understand what you want.

Partnering with our SEO consultants at Prostar SEO comes with a lot of benefits. Benefits you will not find elsewhere.

We use the SEO Scientific Method for Fast Results in all transparency.

The Best reasons to hire an SEO consultant from Prostar SEO, we understand what you want.

Partnering with our SEO consultants at Prostar SEO comes with a lot of benefits. Benefits you will not find elsewhere.

No long-term contract: 

Your contract fee will be paid monthly at the beginning of the month, if we don’t deliver the value you expect, you can fire us at the end of the same month, it’s that simple.

Better rankings on major search engines:

Prostar SEO believes in doing work that drives better results. With our local SEO tools, advertising campaigns, algorithm assessment, and keyword enrichment strategies, we help businesses improve their page ranks. Our efforts deliver the best results that reflect in the improvement in reputation, and eventually, the revenue chart. We are here to help you rule major search engines like Google and Bing.

Make constant follow-ups with our partners:

We are committed to following the path of your site and that of your competitors every day. We will communicate with you regularly to share the various strategies that we are implementing to increase your positioning in internet searches. We intend to form a team with you.

Data-driven SEO strategies: 

We work entirely on numbers and data, which helps us leave the guesswork out of the strategy building. We don’t hope but we know that our solutions will work the best for your rank-boosting objectives. Several hours of data-crunching, trend analysis, and referencing the case studies give us the confidence required to strategize confidently, and effectively. All our strategies keep business at the core of the discussion; with a constant revamping of the technological framework, we provide the best support for the businesses to thrive organically.

Not working with your competition:

We are the only agency to take only one company per industry for one given region. How could we aim for first place on Google for two competitors from the same city? We refuse to do that.

Give clear and simple explanations: 

Every client is important to us. You share with us your expense plan, and we have the SEO suite designed just for your budget. We partner with the businesses in the most cost-effective manner only with the aim to create value for them as well as for their consumers. Your visibility is our top priority, and so is your reputation. 

Our Top SEO and Digital Marketing Services in United Kingdom

Partnering with our SEO consultants at Prostar SEO comes with a lot of benefits. Benefits you will not find elsewhere.

a. Real-time SEO Analytics

Latest reports reach our clients first, always! 

We use real-time analytics that helps us keep an eye on the site’s performance and audit needs. It allows us to revise, test, review and implement newer and more time-relevant SEO strategies. Thus, no aspect will ever be missed while evaluating the site’s SEO compliance. You have access to the situation of your site live and can monitor on your own the movement of your most important keywords.

b. Using Local SEO to boost numbers

Help local customers locate and reach you faster

The Internet is the starting point of every search, and you need to be there when local customers search for you over the web. With our strategy-driven local SEO activities, your business can experience a better footfall rate, more queries, and eventually, more conversions. We provide you the opportunity to interact with the local customers first, before your competitors.

c. Position tracking and boosting it

Never let your position be taken over by competitors

Take charge of the page ranks with better authority with our automated rank tracking solutions. We keep a close eye on the keywords trends, search volumes, and apply predictive tools to help you strategize your SEO activities. There has to be something more engaging in your website to match the user intent. Our user behavior tracking tools help you have that edge over your competitors.

d. Scientific reasoning works behind our SEO strategies

Keep the guesswork out and work only on concrete figures

The best coalition of strategy and technology happens at ProstarSEO. We do not work only in the hope to push your rankings but apply data-driven strategies to help you accomplish your SEO goals. With the best tools, software, promotion solutions for ecommerce and other websites, we build strategies algorithm-based as well as user-centric.

e. Digital Advertising to reach United Kingdom customers

We are the most versatile United Kingdom SEO company that is an expert in digital advertising in general and search engine advertising in particular. The strategic coalition of SEO and SEA helps us launch Google Ads or PPC ad campaigns, and others which help you stand out among competitors and fetch you, organic visitors, eventually. It is the repeat and loyal customers that we keep at the focus of our advertising strategy, thus, our ad campaigns are not a fluke, but well-thought attempts to reach and engage audiences, resulting in long-lasting relationships. 

f. Localization solutions for making the website more relatable

Speak the language that your customers understand

Local SEO can yield awesome results when you have understood the people, their culture, language, and beliefs, and designed content accordingly. Right from the use of colours, props to providing language options, ProstarSEO keeps in mind all the elements and extends support for content rewrite in multiple languages, currency and language tools insertion, and other geo-specific designing requirements. With our localization solutions, you can present yourself as the solution that customers will readily understand and accept.

The best SEO company with hundreds of satisfied clients

ProstarSEO offers you the most trusted option for reaching United Kingdom customers. Our expertise is not a matter of self-praise, it can easily be assessed from the hundreds of clients who entered into a partnership with us for their SEO needs. Every client and every project has been a learning experience, which we have used to create an enriched database of case studies and tests. What was the ranking before the SEO intervention, the tools and processes that were employed, and the measurable results that show the impact of Search Engine Optimization services help understand the bigger picture? If our words fail to impress you, our case studies surely will.

Best services tailor-fit for your business requirements

ProStarSEO offers specialized services that can collectively enhance your online presence. Our job is to connect to your customers and be found everywhere where they hang out during their browsing time. Whether you are an e-commerce venture, striving to become a Unicorn, or a lawyer looking to increase his clientele, our services complement the types of aims you have outlined for your business. You can reach us for:

SEO Audit

You have to have a critic’s eye to find the loopholes in a website’s or a digital property’s compliance with SEO. That vision comes only with experience which our local SEO experts have in abundance. We take care to ensure that your site does not lag in quality and deliverability, by auditing regularly:

  • The taglines’, URLs’, Alt Tags’ effectiveness and need to change, if any;
  • Broken links and quality backlinks
  • Responsiveness of the digital property
  • M-commerce solutions’ performance
  • Video and images’ relevance, etc.
  • Bounce rate analysis
  • Sales Funnel Analysis

We also do on-page content revising right from the URL, meta tags and titles to the site’s footer, and evaluate everything in between too. Our knowledge of easy navigation techniques, content presentation, keyword usage, and use of explanation videos and AV testimonials help us offer you the most time-relevant SEO support.

PPC campaigns

Reach us for keyword match strategy, keyword budgeting planning, keyword research, and all things essential for the success of the Google Ads campaign. You can create an impressive presence of your ads with our tested and data-driven PPC strategies that ultimately help you establish yourself as a solution preferred by your target audience. Our SEO services comprise:

  • Keyword research
  • Site SEO audit
  • Backlink analysis
  • Broken link fixing
  • Influencer marketing 
  • Content marketing, etc.

Search Engine Optimization

It is the most preferred and well-known marketing process that is designed to help businesses achieve better visibility on search engines like Google and Bing. We plan, organize, and implement the outreach strategies that ultimately bring your website the desired traffic volume. We not only promise but place you at respectable positions in search engine results, and make your website the search engines’ favorite.

B2B Leads Generation

This is our little secret, let just say we employ robots to reach potential clients and introduce them to your offer, we are talking a reach of over 2000 impressions per month which should bring multiple leads week after week.

We also do on-page content revising right from the URL, meta tags and titles to the site’s footer, and evaluate everything in between too. Our knowledge of easy navigation techniques, content presentation, keyword usage, and use of explainer videos and AV testimonials help us offer you the most time-relevant SEO support.

Our SEO Services Ethics

a. Committed to our clients, only!
Your secrets are entirely safe with us! Our policy is not to partner with your competitors, but we do keep a sharp eye on the competitors’ moves so that you are always prepared to move ahead and beyond the business rivals. We know that Google’s no 1 slot cannot have two names, and our duty is to ensure that that name is you!

b. Follow-ups are our services’ backbone
While other SEO and digital advertising companies may leave you in lurch, it is not the case at Prostar. We know the importance of reviews, repurposing, revaluation. Therefore, a dedicated team gives you detailed updates of the progress, or of the need to do more in areas where you lag. They pay personalized attention to your web presence and inform you about the best-suited strategies, and also of the right times to apply those.

c. We talk simple yet meaningful
Our aim is not to confuse you with technical jargon, but to help you understand the rules of the game are simple and straightforward language. We communicate exactly what we intend to, so that we work as a team working in unison towards boosting the internet presence. Our thoughts revolve only around your business and so do our talks and discussions. 

d. Always just a call away, literally!
Our clients mean the world to us and their satisfaction is our priority. We take care in ensuring that no call made to us go unanswered and no query unresolved. Our well-organized escalation matrix ensures that no query or complaint comes between us and our valued customers. We hire the best customer satisfaction experts and train them fully so that they can guide you to the best solutions always, and most importantly, with a gleam in their voice and care in their attitude! 

e. It is always between you and us, strictly!
We value your trust and confidence and work purely on good faith. Our SEO team is bound by non-disclosure agreements so that our strategies to beat the competition remain in-house in a literal sense. We assign dedicated teams to every client, and the business’s confidentiality is their prime responsibility. Not working with competitors is just a very small part of this policy.

Why you need SEO services for your business

SEO services for local and global businesses are a must these days. We, at ProstarSEO, understand the seriousness of not having local SEO support and the implications it can have on your business’s numbers. While partnering with the local SEO expert like us, your United Kingdom business can grow by leaps and bounds in no time. Our services stand by you in your introduction to market phase as well as expansion endeavors, and help you reach new heights using strengths of SEO that brings along:

Better connection with the customers

Your purpose of having an online entity is to be found on Google or Bing. SEO services know what Google prefers keeping on the top of SERPs, and help you tweak in changes to your web-based business address accordingly. In the process, you become more visible to the client. SEO services like Prostar can help you shine like a diamond among the horde and help you adopt a credible image.

We help you design the website so that you reach them via all touch points, or respond to them most readily when they show even the slightest interest. With an updated Google listing, your information can reach the customers in the quickest way possibe. 

Want to win the trust of customers? SEO can help

User experience is the only best bet when you want to have a strong hold on the customers searching for the solutions online. SEO services read the customer expectations, and design or redesign the website so that visitors love to click on your link and stay there too. 

With services like on-page optimization, links checking, machine-learning based signals and users’ browser behavior analysis, the SEO experts push your ranking on the search results page and help maintain the position too.

Local SEO means more traffic, better engagement and even more traffic

What happens in Los Angeles may not interest a consumer in United Kingdom. You need to talk complete sense when interacting with customers if you eye for better engagement. The best and most proven SEO strategies can help drive traffic, and keep it engaged, compelling it to come again and again too. Thus, the rise in conversion rate is never far away.

Be the answer to customer research with SEO

Your ecommerce venture or e-retail business, or e-education site must appear as a solution to the consumers who research first before picking any option. The value of the product or service defines the quality and extent of research. SEO helps you to give your customers a positive end to their research. SEO is not a standalone activity. It starts right from the designing point and stays throughout till the conversion and beyond. When used right ways, SEO services can help redesign the customers’ buying cycle and help you improve your sales funnel performance.

Stay ahead of the times with right SEO for local business

Local businesses need not depend on the old ways and restrict their reachability. The time has come for even local players to be found online. There is ample evidence that shows that a business listing in the Google first page has translated into humongous increase in orders, footfalls and queries. Thus, keeping in tune with the requirements of more aware and tech-savvy customers require SEO support. It is exactly why SEO has become the basic need for every shop be it a pharmacy, a hotel, a college or for even an artiste. 

How Prostar SEO Differs from Other SEO companies in United Kingdom

The customers’ attention is perhaps the most ephemeral thing in the world, and you have to do the magic in just a few seconds! It becomes possible only when you get the chance to interact with the customers, in the first place. Prostar helps you be in that position and before your competitors by applying the proven strategies.

We understand the business, its values, and the target audience first. Then, we proceed to the SEO designing stage, starting small and scaling up in no time. This gives us the opportunity to give our customers the most cost-effective solutions, and also to evaluate every single step taken.  There is a reason for everything we do, and that reason we derive from research tools like machine learning, Google Analytics, Semantic Search Analysis, Keyword research tool, etc. 

Our responses to Google’s algorithm changes are quick and time-relevant. In fact, we think, and strategize ahead of the times, which helps us maintain the position no matter what the algorithm dictates. Thus, your business always stands tall and undeterred at the top search engine results page and announces its presence uninhibitedly and proudly.
Single stop solution is our USP, which makes us the pioneers in the United Kingdom SEO space. Our strategies help attain a holistic approach, and we have infrastructural support available for the application of SEO for businesses of all types and scales. You can find here a complete and research-backed service that entails digital marketing, web designing, social media marketing, Content writing and translation, and several others.

We put value over the money, and believe in delivering to you the most profitable strategies designed keeping your promotions’ budget in mind. You need not be a Fortune 500 company  to avail our SEO service. We cater to the needs of all businesses operating at various scales, and love to be the part of their journey to the top.
Customer satisfaction is our work code. We love to see our clients making a strong presence online, and try our best to become their tech and business support available to them 24/7. Work never stops at ProstarSEO, and we easily scale up the operations as per the customers’ requirements, with ample workforce and mighty brains backing our service aims.

Meet us for a discussion, right away!

Can’t wait to start serving you! We are always eager to hear from you and to invite you for a discussion on how SEO can be your best bet for your robust online presence. 

You can reach us by writing to us at (email ID) or call us. You can also fill out an online form to help us understand your business and SEO requirements. Your first step is all we need, leave everything else to us, making you an established online business entity is our responsibility.

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