How much does a website cost?

How much does a website cost?

  1. The average cost of hiring a web agency is $ 100 / hour.
  2. A basic website consists of about eight pages.
  3. It takes 40 hours to produce these 8 pages.
  4. A quality website will cost you between $ 4000 and $ 5000
  5. Most of the time, you’re throwing that money outside the window
It is often said that a beautiful website can cost as much as a car, what is not said is that a beautiful website, without an effective SEO strategy, has no value …

Do not waste your money on a website if you do not invest in SEO*

I meet dozens of clients each year who are proud to make me discover their websites; small artistic, contemporary wonders, where pictures occupy the majority of the space and where the cryptic texts are borrowed from poems worthy of Nelligan. Sites with grandiose visual effects, moving at the touch of my finger on the mouse, like a ballerina at the big theater.

Technology continues to offer us site creation tools that are more beautiful than one another. The old austere Wordpress is slowly giving way to new, more dynamic themes. Emerging newcomers like Squarespace or Webflow are surfacing to offer everyone beautiful designs. A website is no longer just a business card or an online store, it is gradually becoming a brand, a symbol of vanity ... look at what my site can do!

The sites of my clients are like treasures, unique jewels that are the pride of their designer and owner. Unfortunately, like many treasures, these sites often languish at the bottom of the sea, buried under hundreds of pages in an ocean of Google searches ...

I cannot count the amount of times when, after having admired the site of a future client, I looked at the number of organic visits that it generated (i.e., how many times a month the site was visited by a user who had discovered it on a search engine) and found that more often than not, the answer was "0", no one visits these little masterpieces of modern technology.

Discover the organic traffic of your website

Why do these beautiful sites have no visitors? Simply because Google considers them irrelevant. But why? In order to better understand, one must first understand what Google is looking for.

What is Google searching for ?

Google's mission is to find the answer to a query as quickly and as accurately as possible.

How to be understood by Google ?

Your relation with Google is similar to a relationship. You must clearly express yourself in order to make him understand who you are and what you have to offer. Sighs do not replace words, just like pictures, do not replace texts.

Google reads your site regularly using so-called crawlers. When these little robots visit your site, the first thing they read and store on Google's servers is your URL. If your URL reads leroi.ca, Google will know that your business is operating in Canada (ca) but it will have no information regarding the nature of your operations. If the URL reads, www.thekingofpasta.ca, chances are high that Google will classify you as a restaurant, specializing in pasta. It is therefore by reading what is written on your website that Google will understand the nature of it.

The second step of the crawlers will be to read the title of the page, which should be identified in the code by your programmer as the H1 tag. There must only be one H1 tag per page. The H1 acts as a business card and must clearly indicate what the company offers. You can check the tags of your pages here.

When building a website, you have to ask yourself, what will my future clients search for and how will I make sure that Google knows I have the answer to their needs? So you have to stop thinking like an artist and start thinking like a robot, a Googlebot.

Remember that Google does not have a favorite, it only seeks to understand and then classify your page in its index. If your site has the title tag "Where elegance and flavour meet in a pasta bowl", and your competitor presents him with an H1 that reads: The best pasta in Montreal! guess which one of the two sites will appear first when a user searches on his phone "best Montreal pasta.'' The crawlers will have indexed your page and that of your competitor, but that of your competitor will be much more representative of the search of the websurfer. Of course, if a user searches for elegant and flavourful pasta, you will most likely be the first to appear in the search results ...

The H1 is an important element to increase your rank on Google searches, make sure you choose the most popular words and if your business is in a single city, I encourage you to add the name of the municipality.

Example of efficient H1: Ti-Joe Lauzon, the best plumber in Repentigny

If your toilet clogs, you will automatically turn to the internet. You will then look for: "Plumber Repentigny" or "Best Plumber in Repentigny"

Our H1 covers both searches, which greatly increases the likelihood that Ti-Joe Plumbing will find itself at the top of the first page of Google searches.

After H1, crawlers continue to read your site, switching to H2, and so on, until the end of the page. It is by reading the texts on your site that Google will understand and record in its index the nature of your business. This means that the new trendy websites, with lots of images and very few words, have little material to index and are likely to end up far in search results. If the nature of your site is not clear in the texts, change them.

A little trick: Read your H1, H2 and H3 titles tags out loud to someone who does not know your company, he should be able to tell you clearly after reading, the nature of your operations.

Here are three examples of very beautiful websites whose homepages have no relevance for Google and which, despite everything, are described as examples to follow :




source : https://winningwp.com/examples-of-websites-using-squarespace/

A quick glance at each one of these websites quickly makes it possible to realize the lack of titles and texts. If for a human, it is difficult to understand the nature of the site, imagine how hard it is for a robot.


The simplicity of your texts and their concordance with the most recurring searches for your services or products are the starting point of good SEO. We must not neglect the quantity of words. Research shows that blogs that rank at the top of the first page of Google typically have 1500 words on their home page.

A beautiful website without SEO is like a sports car without a powerful engine.

Google evaluates more than two hundred elements in its algorithm to determine the position of a website on a page. An SEO expert will advise you to ensure that your site does not get lost in the abyss of search engines.

N'hésitez pas à communiquer avec moi pour toutes questions.

Eric St-Cyr
Leader ProStarSEO
581 447 4376

*SEO means Search Engine Optimization

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