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What is search engine optimization?

Do you wonder why your website receives little traffic? Or why your competitors appear higher above you in Google searches? The answer is that their SEO strategy is simply better than yours.

SEO is a marketing discipline that aims to increase your visibility in the results of organic search engines such as Google and Bing.

Often referred to as SEO, Search Engine Optimization consists of both the technical and qualitative elements necessary to improve rankings, generate more traffic and increase the awareness of your website online.

What are the most important factors of SEO in Toronto?

There are many different elements to SEO. Google uses over 200 criteria to determine where in its index your site will be located.

Google does not publish the components of its algorithm. However, thanks to external research involving millions of sites, recent studies have allowed us to determine the 10 most important factors to position a website at the top of the first results page.

If we put aside the technical factors (ie, if the site well built and has a solid structure), we can establish that the following 10 quantitative factors are essential in order to rank your website in the first results of an internet search.

1) The number of visitors going directly to the site or searching for the name of the site. (SEO direct Trafic)
2) The average time spent on the site.
3) The number of pages visited per session.
4) The rate (%) of rebounds (Visitor who arrives on the site and leaves quickly without clicking anything) (SEO bounce rates)
5) The number of external sites that link to your site.
6) The total number of links to your site.
7) The length of the texts.
8) Is the site secure? (HTTPS)
9) The keywords used, the density of the keywords in the texts and in the titles/URLs.
10) Does the site have videos?

We use the SEO Scientific Method for Fast Results in all transparency.

Why team up with ProStar SEO Toronto?

Precise explanation of the SEO status of your site

After having launched several websites, met a number of charlatans and incompetents to improve the SEO of our companies, we invested thousands of hours to understand the basics of SEO. Today, we share our expertise by launching ProStar SEO. At home, we talk business, technology is only a tool to achieve our goals.

Improved position on Google and Bing

Our mandate is to increase your rank in search results on Google for the keywords used most regularly in your industry. Whether for a local business or an international company, our expertise in SEO will allow you to earn several positions and increase your web traffic and business income.

No long-term contracts, which forces us to perform

No more agency contracts that keep you prisoner. If ProStar SEO does not deliver the goods, you will be free to terminate your agreement with 30 days notice. With ProStar, there are no surprises, our monthly rates are pre-established and we will keep you regularly informed of the results obtained. No more contracts that never end.

The most competitive prices on the market

With rates starting at $250 a month, ProStar SEO costs are very competitive. As we pledge not to accept competitors from the same demographic zone as you, you know that we will not use the expertise gained in your industry to increase the rank of your competitors.
Discover our prices!

With the help of our SEO agency, you will get answers to the following questions:

  • How can I increase my company's visibility on Google?
  • How to position my website in the first results of my client’s search?
  • How to get ahead of competitors on search engines?
  • How to generate more traffic to my website?
  • How to increase my online sales?
SEO is a marathon. Results will be visible from the beginning, but increasing the traffic on a site is a long-term job. SEO is a battle that never ends. Capturing the first position on Google is one thing, maintaining it is another ...

SEO remains the only "free lunch" that the internet offers us!
Prostar seo

How are we different from other SEO agencies in Toronto?

If you're wondering whether it's important to appear in the top results when you search on Google, remember this statistic: positions 1 and 2 on the first page of search results capture 57% of clicks!

Get Started

There are very few firms specialized in Search Engine Optimization in Quebec. There are, however, hundreds of web agencies that offer SEO services as a supplement to creating a website.

Some are excellent, many only offer a superficial SEO service. The majority of Web agencies pride themselves on excelling in all areas: Website Design, SEO, Web Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, Writing, Translation, Community Management, and more.

At Prostar SEO, we believe it's better to excel in one area than to be ugly in many. That's why all the actions that we take aim at increasing the traffic to your website.

Our Engagement


Not working with your competition:


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Give clear and simple explanations:

Competitive Advantages

Real-time analysis

Always on the lookout for the latest changes.

Thanks to the unique approach of ProStar SEO, we measure in real time: the technical health of your site, the variations of positioning vis-à-vis the competition, the external links (backlinks) which refer your site, as well as a series of more than 200 specific points that influence SEO. With our technology, we can test our changes and measure the impact of our ideas and strategies on your SEO. The work is continuous and the improvement must be too.

Monitoring the positioning of the competition

Go past your competitors and aim to be the leader of the pack.

Our periodic reports will allow you, for each selected keyword, to see the evolution of your site and that of your competitors in Google’s positioning. In addition, we will share the monthly search volume for all keywords identified, so you will be able to analyze our performance and participate in our efforts, by sharing your specific knowledge of the market. Our approach will allow you to discover what people are really looking for and adapt your web strategy accordingly. We are committed to working as a team with you.

Bilingual website rewrite

Be discovered by everyone, no matter the language.

Each month, we'll do an intensive review of your competitors' sites and the most searched keywords in your industry using the most advanced technology tools available. All of this data will enable us to undertake the rewriting of the texts of your web pages in order to make them more efficient. These incremental changes will boost your site in Google’s results. This service is available in English and French.

Increased sales with local SEO

Generate more transactions, traffic and meetings for your business.

46% of searches on Google have a local intent. For a business that has a physical address where it meets its customers, it is essential to have a « Google My Bussiness » account and to do SEO to get as high as possible on the location map of businesses (Google Maps). Local SEO is the key to success for small businesses, restaurants and professionals such as dentists, plumbers, lawyers, etc. Local reference is the quickest and easiest way to increase your rank on the web and especially its sales.

SEA: Google Ads and Facebook Campaigns

Integrate a high-performance, short-term sales solution

When we consider online marketing as a distribution channel, the question quickly becomes: How do I increase the visibility of my website for Internet users? SEO is the long-term solution. However, what do you do when your trademark is not known and you are looking for immediate results? We then turn to SEA (Search Engine Advertising). SEO and SEA are two different but complementary approaches. The symbiosis of the two will allow you to optimize your visibility on the search engine. Google Ads will deliver immediate results, generating the revenue you need to keep your business running until SEO brings you a stream of free, ongoing organic traffic.