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In the shadow of Google, from investment to SEO …

My name is Éric St-Cyr, and I am the founder of ProStar SEO. I would like to share my story by telling you how I became an SEO specialist.

In 2012, I launched the first online brokerage website operating in a tax haven, the Cayman Islands. This website, which allowed to buy securities on 37 world stock exchanges, was an immediate success. At the beginning of 2014, my investment firm became the largest independent fund manager in the Cayman Islands and it was in the millions that the money came to us every week; which did not suit everyone. 

On March 12, 2014, I was arrested in Miami by the US tax authorities and charged with three counts of money laundering, a crime I did not commit. Each charge had a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. After multiple negotiations with the authorities and long months spent languishing in one of the worst jails in America, I was released on March 18, 2015. If you are interested in this story, write to me and I’ll send you a free copy of À l’ombre du soleil, a book I wrote during my stay at the Club Fed.

When I got out of prison, penniless and with a tainted reputation, I looked for a job. The only jobs available were minimum wage laborers so I started working at night for $14 an hour, a drastic change when I think back about my life on the Caribbean beach.

During my free time during the day, I helped my daughter kick start her business. In December 2015, miummium.com was born. MiumMium is the Airbnb of home chefs, you simply choose your city and the website offers the services of a multitude of chefs in your area. With the tiny budget we had, it was impossible to advertise online. To survive, I quickly realized that we needed to focus on SEO.

I spent months meeting with SEO specialists to help us. From incompetents to charlatans, none clearly answered my questions; no one could explain to me simply: "How does SEO work?"
Finally, I decided to learn the business by myself. With a background in international business and strong training in technology and marketing, I started studying SEO. Today, my daughter's business offers the services of 4,000 chefs in 71 countries and can be found on the front page of Google in thousands of cities offering home chef services.

Following the success of MiumMium, more and more people, often foreigners, have asked me to help them with the positioning of their websites on the internet. I quickly realized the commercial potential for a transparent solution, simply explained. It was then that the idea came to me to launch ProStar SEO.

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Our objective

Our goal is to offer you a personalized service where we explain in a simple way the work that needs to be implemented on your website. Our approach is easy to understand, first we analyze over two hundred technical points of your website, kind of like your annual car inspection. If the site has errors and the strategy needs to be defined, we are committed to becoming leaders in the optimization process and working with your programmers. Our expertise will not only increase your SEO on Google, but above all increase your online sales. All our work is done in an easy-to-grasp approach, so that you can finally answer the question: "How does SEO work?".

Eric St-Cyr
Expert Advisor, ProStar SEO.