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Online casino SEO is search engine optimization (SEO) for domains in the global Internet gambling market. It‘s a highly competitive field filled with competitive niches such as online casinos, lotteries, sports betting, and also online poker sites.

Internet gambling and gambling, in general, gets a bad reputation. even its reputation with search engines isn’t great so your online casino business SEO has to be strategic and include relevant content. It’s important to be aware of popular and relevant search engine trends in order to succeed in the SERPS.

With that being said, the online gaming industry is a fast-growth and profitable market that can be profitable if you use the right SEO techniques either by yourself or through experienced SEO experts.

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Why you should invest in an SEO agency?

You may think you’re ready to take over the top spot in Google today, tomorrow, or next week, but unfortunately, we have to tell you, it won’t be so easy.

That’s the reason for SEO agencies in the first place. They provide you with quality SEO services, give you guidelines and research your keywords, market, and competition for your website, while you’re off doing something more important to you, playing to your strengths whilst the SEO agency strengthens your weaknesses.

If you’re still not sure if you need an SEO agency, here are three good reasons why you should hire one.



It will save you money (and make you money), so you can put that money to better use within your business


SEO is very expensive to do alone. All the tools needed (SEMRush, etc) are not free and if you want to access all of these tools’ premium features then you need to pay big money for them. Add up everything, such as tools plus time, and soon you will have big bills that you could have avoided.



It will save you time

Working with an expert SEO company means delegating the task to a team of experts who know exactly what needs to be done. You then get to focus on other important aspects of running your business.

Remember that quality takes effort, so it’s always great to hear when someone is promising you cheap and fast results. However, SEO is a long-term project, it requires patience and constant improvement, so you should choose an experienced professional who has the time and is worth your investment.

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When launching an SEO campaign, one of the most common mistakes is expecting to achieve unrealistic goals immediately. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to gain 100k new users per day next week from a website that you just got off the ground this week.

SEO is like science: it takes a lot of time, it needs to be calculated and specific, you need prior expertise, and you need to have done lots of tried and tested experiments to understand what may or may not succeed.

Working alongside an experienced SEO agency such as Prostar, with credentials and expertise, will help you get the most out of your online presence. We’ll help you understand the whole process so you know exactly what to expect from us and the work we will provide.

Finally, we have knowledge and expertise of the exact details that define this online casino and gambling niche. Prostar has a whole armoury of professional Casino SEO Services to set your site up for all the high rollers!

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Online casino SEO guide

The online casino and gambling SEO niche requires a strategic long-term search engine marketing and advertising strategy.

Advancing your casino business website to climb from being an invisible online casino site that no one can find to ranking within the top ten results of Google for higher-difficulty keywords will take time and patience. SEO in general is a marathon and not a sprint. Do not hold your breath to see your organic traffic or site authority skyrocket straight away, this could take up to months at least.

Gaining decent organic traffic is a crucial part of any business’s website. It is said that over 50% of internet traffic is produced by organic search. For that reason, if growing your casino website and getting a loyal clientele for your online business is your goal then you should never overlook how important a Casino and gambling SEO planning strategy is.

That’s why choosing a Casino SEO agency or a Casino SEO expert that is very knowledgeable in their field is vital for your site and more importantly your customers. 

Productive keyword research is one of the key factors for online casino websites and it isn’t just identifying keywords that you can just dart around your betting site. You need to identify many different search terms or phrases, how competitive they are, and how they’ll be able to provide the best return on your investment.

Keywords that were once popular may now be less so. For example, “online casinos with real money” was once a highly searched term but has become less so in recent years.

Keyword popularity can vary over time. Keywords can also come out of nowhere and become well searched whilst others fall. For example, “Sports betting” wasn’t even on the radar for about 10 years until it rose from the dead into popularity.

You should try to find gambling niche keyword phrases that aren’t too competitive. Find out how well they perform by looking at their traffic and conversion rates.

There are lots of short and long-tailed keyword phrases to choose from, and they can be targeted on your website. They offer a good balance between ease of ranking and profitability.

The truth is that the new up-and-coming trends in the online gaming world (for example, social media, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, VR – virtual reality, mobile casino apps, and new gambling niche playing games) are creating new search queries all the time, while the search volume for once very successful keywords have dropped significantly.

Try to be as natural as possible when using your chosen keywords on your casino website. Don’t use any tricks such as keyword stuffing that might cause you to get a penalty from search engines.

However, whatever keyword(s) you choose to optimize (pick at least one primary keyword), you must commit and work towards ranking them as highly as possible because your company will need maximum exposure to succeed in the long term for that keyword.

Another crucial part of your casino SEO strategy is to analyze your competition and see what SEO strategy they are using and if it actually works.

It means looking at the top ten competitors for a particular keyword to see who has the most authority, which pages link to their site, and how well they’re doing over time.

You don’t need to compete against the biggest online gambling sites; instead, you just need to outperform them for relevant keywords and by building a better website.

You should also explore the overall layout of the websites of your competition. If they’re hosting casino games, check out each individual gaming platform’s interface and user experience (UI/UX).

Your website’s structure and user experience is extremely important for building a good relationship with your gamblers and in return creating a good bounce rate for your site. Especially if your casino site will be hosting virtual gambling games and tournaments.

It may be difficult to achieve this goal, but investing in the user interface (UI) and user expe­rience (UX) design is important for long-term success at any online casino. Users want a comfy experi­ence on a good-looking website that doesn’t look too shady.

If you want people to return to your site and play your casino games, then your site’s design and layout should be clean, efficient and logical. You don’t want anything that looks messy or has any obvious mistakes.

If the casino has multiple games, you should consider creating separate pages for each one so the pages can be optimized for their own keywords and can rank individually, giving you more avenues to generate search engine traffic.

The best casino and gambling pages and posts will be well-written(for people as well as search engines), informative, and sound authoritative. These pages have a much better chance of appearing in the SERPS if they sound authoritative and add genuine value to readers.

If your website focuses on casinos and betting, create content that is relevant to casinos and gambling. Also, try to focus on writing for your target audience rather than just trying to look good for Google because the more genuine and useful your content is, the better it will perform.

The best content will include original material, it will be high quality, and it will be useful and informative enough to encourage other similar websites in your niche to start linking to yours. Good quality content will do all of this as well as being interesting enough to keep your target readers engaged.

Good content ideas include tutorials and how-to guide articles, review articles, information and storytelling from unique perspectives, trending and topical news items, and general categories that always relate to your target audience.

Si votre site Web se concentre sur les casinos et les paris, créez du contenu qui se rapporte aux casinos et aux paris. Essayez également d’écrire pour votre public cible plutôt que d’essayer d’attirer l’attention de Google, car plus votre contenu est authentique et utile, plus il sera performant.

Le meilleur contenu comprendra des éléments originaux, sera de haute qualité, et sera suffisamment utile et informatif pour encourager d’autres sites Web similaires dans votre niche à créer des liens vers le vôtre. Un contenu de bonne qualité fera tout cela, tout en étant suffisamment intéressant pour maintenir l’intérêt de vos lecteurs cibles.

Parmi les bonnes idées de contenu, citons les tutoriels et les guides pratiques, les articles de synthèse, les informations et les récits présentés sous un angle unique, les articles d’actualité et les catégories générales qui concernent toujours votre public cible.


Link building is one of the most important parts of your Casino SEO strategy. Getting organic yet, quality backlinks from high-authority websites that also relate to your casino/gambling niche will create a strong backlink portfolio and increase your chance of ranking significantly. 

Don’t even consider spammy link-building techniques. Quality is always stronger than quantity when talking about link building. One high-quality link from a reputable and relatable site is far superior to twenty low-quality links from poorly maintained sites.

However, most relevant backlinks are better than no backlinks at all, and it will be slightly harder to get backlinks for an online gambling site than for other types of websites. There aren’t a lot of websites ready and willing to provide backlinks to gambling websites.

Many link-building tactics have been tried and tested in this niche, but some simply won’t work (and may actually hurt you) because they’re not relevant to your audience. For example, guest posting on blogs that aren’t related to your industry or topic will likely result in low engagement and no links.