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Cryptocurrencies are taking the financial world by storm. The creation of decentralized digital currencies has changed the way thousands of people manage their finances and promises to be the future of business.


What is cryptocurrency SEO?

Create long-lasting traffic for your website with Crypto SEO

Cryptocurrency Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of techniques and practices designed to improve the online presence of crypto companies. The goal of cryptocurrency SEO is to generate organic traffic to cryptocurrency websites, increasing their search engine ranking and popularity.

SEO can help take your Cryptocurrency website to the next level by generating high amounts of organic traffic and improving conversion rates. Here at Prostar, we handle everything for you, so you can sit back and reap the benefits of search engine optimization.

Crypto SEO
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We Provide the following for cryptocurrency websites

Scientific SEO Approach

Scientific SEO is based on up-to-date statistics and a detailed analysis of the competition. Our Crypto SEO team uses the most powerful technological tools on the market and our results confirm the effectiveness of this approach.

We offer different price packages to meet the specific needs and budget of our customers. Our SEO service is available for businesses of all sizes, small or large.

No Long-term Contract for Crypto SEO

At Prostar SEO, we believe our performance should speak louder than contractual obligations. If you are not satisfied with the results, you are free to terminate your agreement with 30 days' notice.

Personalized Service for Your Online Marketing Strategy

The needs of each client are different so we offer a tailor-made service to our partners. We hold regular meetings to explain the steps of the SEO strategy to be deployed and follow up on results.

What are the most important factors of SEO in Toronto

Do crypto and blockchain really need SEO to succeed?

Cryptocurrency can work in synergy with SEO. Digital currencies require people to discover and invest in them to be successful, and SEO is essential to stand out in virtual environments. Cryptocurrencies that integrate SEO services gain a considerable competitive advantage over other cryptos in the market.

Advertising in the crypto and blockchain industry is a complicated endeavor. Despite cryptocurrency companies making record profits, the advertising prospects for crypto in the most frequented areas of the web are considerably restricted. Neither Facebook nor Google permits the free proliferation of advertisement material associated with cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology.

Likewise, popular internet giants such as Reddit, Twitter, and Snapchat have imposed bans on both cryptocurrency and initial coin offering (ICO) advertisements. Simply put, traditional online advertising strategies are impractical in the cryptocurrency market.

An effective cryptocurrency SEO strategy helps websites rank higher on search engine results pages. The resulting Internet exposure generates an increase in organic traffic. A cryptocurrency company’s target audience is more likely to come into contact with them through high-quality traffic from SEO than through any other marketing method.

Understanding the Crypto Market

The cryptocurrency business is full of opportunities. The technological backbone of crypto allows for fast, secure, and worldwide transactions. Crypto can improve recordkeeping by removing the risk of data being pirated. Even though many authoritative bodies keep a wary eye on cryptocurrencies due to allegations of fraud, chances of actual fraud can be minimized by crypto.

In contrast to central banking systems, cryptocurrencies are fully decentralized. This means that government bodies have a very limited capability to intervene in the way the crypto space is managed. Bitcoin, the first decentralized digital currency, has become both a mainstream phenomenon and a valid form of payment in many developed countries, including the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Nonetheless, most crypto companies operate in a very competitive but limited market environment.

Ranking high in search engine results pages is very significant for the success of crypto. Without a robust digital marketing strategy, it is practically impossible for a cryptocurrency to gain the recognition it needs to become profitable.


Benefits of Cryptocurrency SEO ‍

High-quality website traffic: Online traffic generated by SEO will target a product’s main customer base with a high degree of precision. Use of the appropriate cryptocurrency SEO keywords can lead users to interact with a cryptocurrency without them feeling enticed or persuaded, as they have reached the site of their own volition.


Great return on investment (ROI): There is a direct correlation between search engine visibility and boosted web traffic. The impact of SEO may not be as immediate as that of a traditional marketing campaign, but once an effective SEO strategy is put in place, it can be exponentially fruitful.


Boosting credibility: Potential customers regard the pages at the top of search engine results as more trustworthy. Google’s algorithm which takes valuable content into high consideration, making it a cornerstone of a successful SEO strategy.


Reaching your target audience directly: SEO traffic is extremely efficient at attracting various target audiences with high accuracy. A well-defined crypto SEO plan of action can use the right intent-driven keywords to attract both new and veteran crypto enthusiasts, as well as potential investors.


An optimized user experience: Adopters of SEO practices will see the overall appeal of their website increase due to the implementation of SEO. SEO improves search engine ranking by incentivizing positive user experiences. SEO and user satisfaction go hand-in-hand during the development of an accomplished website.


Free advertising around the clock: The promotional capabilities of SEO stay active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once implemented, SEO works passively, without the need for a budget or IT efforts to keep it running. This is particularly useful to crypto companies, as they have the potential of attracting people from all time zones.


Long-term benefits: High-quality SEO services can begin delivering results in the span of a year. However, the effectiveness of SEO develops exponentially, leading to better results over time. Creating functional content and mastering the algorithm might not be instantaneous, but it is highly beneficial in the long run.


Be your target audience’s first choice: In today’s day and age, many people are used to instant gratification. This includes their expectations of internet search results. If your cryptocurrency website offers them the information they’re looking for, then your crypto’s influence over the internet will expand.

Crypto SEO guide

Due to the many difficulties related to producing traditional online advertising content for crypto and blockchain SEO, it is fundamental to create a strategy to increase their digital presence. Even though SEO is complex, the following cryptocurrency SEO guide contains valuable information for any entrepreneur looking to improve online visibility.

Knowing what relevant keywords will generate an increase in search volume is a fundamental step of SEO implementation. Good target keywords anticipate the search terms customers will use when looking for crypto. Even keywords included in a page’s URL structure have an impact on SEO and web rankings.

Instead of implementing basic keywords like “cryptocurrency” and “blockchain”, using competitive keywords gives crypto sites the advantage of fulfilling a more unique role in search queries.

Relevant cryptocurrency SEO keywords may include the following:

  • Airdrop
  • Altcoin
  • Altseason
  • BTFD
  • Buy the dip
  • Bull market
  • dApps
  • DeFi
  • DEX
  • Hashrate
  • Multisig
  • Yield farming

Moreover, keywords don’t have to only be single words, as phrases are also valid key terms. A general focus on answering your potential customer’s questions will provide many terms that can be used as keywords.

The crypto market is highly competitive, as new coins have to contend with the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS. Understanding the competition can give a crypto entrepreneur actionable insights to develop novel advertising techniques.

Important information to gather about the competition includes the following:

  • What relevant keywords they are using
  • Their backlink profile
  • Their SERP position
  • Their content optimization strategy
  • Their social media presence
  • SEO parameters such as site loading speed

Link building is the process of interconnecting your website to others through the use of hyperlinks. This optimization technique consists of the creation of backlinks, which are recognized as quality references by search engines.

An effective link building approach can be achieved through the use of internal links and social media content. For instance, blog posts located on a cryptocurrency website can possess links to each other. Likewise, social media posts can be used to link to the same blog posts.

To guarantee the success of an SEO strategy , a website must create content to engage visitors. Producing quality content in the form of blog posts to inform and entice your audience is key to catching the attention of search engines.

Remember that all created content must be relevant to your audience. Since crypto is a new subject to many people interested in investing in it, creating informative pieces explaining the nature of cryptocurrencies and their benefits can help you attract new customers. Other possible content can include trends, news, and challenges pertinent to crypto enthusiasts.

Social media is a useful tool to expand the online presence of any business. Despite the limited capabilities of online advertising for crypto, using social media in tandem with an SEO strategy can generate fruitful results.

Besides being a great tool to connect with your target audience, social media platforms are also a useful medium to add backlinks to your website. You can add appealing and functional content including images, videos, and infographics to give your users a reason to return and interact with your social media pages.

SEO services for blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

Search engine optimization is the most reliable method to expand the influence of a cryptocurrency. Implementing SEO correctly can mean the difference between a steady influx of enthusiastic customers and being ignored by the internet.

If you want to improve your blockchain and crypto business with SEO, the best course of action is to team up with SEO experts. ProStar SEO can help you create an effective SEO strategy for your cryptocurrency, from conducting an initial assessment of your business needs to develop specific strategies to increase your search engine positioning.

All clients who choose to participate in one of ProStar SEO’s three programs can expect to receive a full site audit free of charge. A comprehensive audit provides valuable insights covering every point on your website where SEO can be applied.

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